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进行Goodal, pore-tightening and moisturizing 2017-06-27

Young Barley Sparkling Line_4 Categories

Goodal, a naturalism brand of CLIO(CEO: HAN Hyeon-ok), embodying Koreas great nature
has lauched 4 categories of Young Barley Sparkling Line that is excellent at sebum and pore care.

In early May, the sales of air conditioners have already increased 178% by the premature heat, compared to last year.
Especially, it is likely to be very hot this summer with a few heat wave advisories.
Due to that reason, summer skin troubles such as an increased secretion of sebum and enlarged pores becomes
a big issue in the beauty industry earlier than other years.

In response to this trend, Goodal has launched Young Barley Sparkling Line effective for sebum control and pore tightening.
Its major ingredient young barely contains 20 times more fiber than a sweet potato.
Fiber is effective for making the skin smooth without accumulated sebum by absorbing excessive sebum between skin fibers.
Also, Chojeong-ri Mineral Water is effective for pore tightening, giving a fresh and cooling feeling.
Young Barley Sparkling Line has launched 4 categories of toner, serum, gel cream, clay mask.

Young Barley Sparkling Toner cleans pores by exfoliating excessive sebum filled in pores,
and makes the skin fresh and not oily by quickly absorbing into the skin.

Young Barley Sparkling Line controls unnecessary  sebum oily and enlarged by excessive sebum,
so it makes the skin fresh all day long by keeping it fresh whille tightening pores.
Young Barley Sparkling Gel Cream is ethanol-free cooling gel formulation of which concentrated moisture covers pore,
so it tightens sagging pores by making the skin elastic and moisturizes without stickiness.

Young Barley Sparkling Pore Clay Mask adds young barley to soft creamy mud,
so it exfoliates old sebum accumulated in pores.
Mild fresh sparkling cooling mud provides soft yet strong cooling to tighten pores,
so it keeps the skin not oily and fresh.
In this premature hot weather, Goodal Young Barley Sparkling Line_4 Categories helpful for cooling skin care
is on sale in CLUB CLIO stores nationwide, and in online shopping malls such as CLIOs ( and Goodals shopping mall (

Goodal Young Barley Sparkling Toner
Goodal Young Barley Sparkling Serum
Goodal Young Barley Sparkling Gel Cream
Goodal Young Barley Sparkling Pore Clay Mask