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Miss Sherry 2016-12-30
Skin care brand Goodal
There are three types of moisture barriers (liquid, eye cream, and cream) as Goodal''s representative products.
I''ve used them and,
personally, I liked their good price and moisturizing ability.


So more seriously,
I am going to give you a review of liquid & eye cream & cream.
I have used up all the contents in the cases, so I think I can post with a more detailed review than last time.
Unlike the ones I have used, the outside package phrases have changed, but anyway,
moisture barrier eye cream contains 82% natural ingredients!
In case of moisture barrier liquid, the phrase ‘containing 69% of natural ingredients’ is impressive.

Three types of moisture barriers are basic lines that fill moisture and moisturization as the names imply.
Particularly, Goodal moisture barrier cream is called Cho Yeojung moisturizing cream and
also the first place of the Cosmo Beauty Awards SNS Winner.
The moisture barrier belongs to moisturizing items here and
people generally think that there is no special difference in moisture and moisturizing.
Moisture is literally giving water to the skin but,
moisturization has a difference in that it not only gives moisture but also covers the moisture to keep it.
So let me show you three types of moisture barriers one by one.

Goodal moisture barrier liquid
The main ingredients are mistletoe extract and natural skin moisturizing factor.
NMF, which is a moisturizing factor in the stratum corneum, is a moisturizing ingredient that helps skin keep moisture by itself.

It permeates well as flowing moderately,
while having a texture that feels a bit more concentrated than general toners or skins.
It feels just like emulsion or essence.

It feels concentrated but, as it is a thin type with some flow,
it is absorbed softly and quickly.
The thing that I have liked personally while using Goodal moisture barrier liquid is
that I have felt clean and fresh using it because of its good absorbency and low stickiness.
I think it''s nice to feel fresh and moist using it throughout the year.

Immediately after the cleansing, I have tried the Goodal moisture barrier liquid solely without toner or skin.
As permeating and moisturizing even before using toner or skin, I like to feel moisturized immediately after the use.
At ordinary times, I used Goodal moisture barrier liquid immediately after cleansing the texture of skin.
As it does not feel ticky despite applying several times, especially when I want to be careful about moisturization before make-up,
I reapplied it plentifully.
It feels free to use as it keeps good absorbency even after reapplying and, more reapplied, more moisturized.
It is an item I liked because it feels moisturizing lightly and freshly and feels free to use even after reapplying several times.

Goodal moisture barrier eye cream
The main ingredient of the eye cream is moisture magnet (pentavitin)!
As a moisturizing ingredient extracted from plants, it combines skin and water strongly, which helps the skin to retain moisture.
Goodal moisture barrier eye cream is a 3 in 1 eye cream that helps to maintain moisture and elasticity and to prevent dullness.


It''s a soft cream-type item with a feeling of concentration.
The texture itself is a cream but it feels finely woven.

As it is applied around eyes which are the thinnest skin part of the face,
would it be good to the prevention of wrinkles arising from applying, if it is well applied spreadingly and softly?
It is well absorbed even with tapping, or so as to be good to lightly massage around your eyes,
it spreads like soft cream.

The way to use it is, mainly around the eye area (dark circles and eye tails) which makes us worry,
taking it out from the case little by little,
tapping it on the skin with fingers and making it absorbed.

In case of Goodal moisture barrier eye cream,
I used it together with mom and she also liked it.
I have felt regretful a little because the feeling of moisturization is generally insufficient when the eye cream is highly oily or fresh, but
Goodal moisture barrier eye cream has good balance between oil and moisture, and also has good absorbency and freshness, and
I like it because there is no push-back despite applying it before make-up.

Goodal moisture barrier cream
It is a cream that makes tight the moisture barrier preventing moisture evaporation as it contains a mistletoe ceramide complex.
It is a moisturizing cream that covers the moisture in order not to slip out and gives a feeling of moisture.


As it is a balm type, you have to use the spatula in the package and take the content out  with it.
No stickiness, really just balm type!


Though it is a balm type, when touching skin, it changes like cream softly like this,
gives a gentle shine, and forms moisture barrier.
Melting and permeating softly, it has good absorption despite a balm type.

It''s a look applying Goodal moisture barrier liquid, eye cream, and moisture barrier cream..
In case of moisture barrier cream, the skin is gently shiny when you look closely at it. However, 
it is not because of the gloss coming up by oil but because of the shine moisturized by the matching balance between oil and moisture.
It is fresh and moist when touching, so I have been greatly helped by Goodal moisture barrier cream at really chilly days and at the turn of seasons.
I would like to recommend all the three types of moisture barriers personally.
As they are for sale at drugstores such as Olive Young, testing is available and, if they are purchased at promotion period,
they are cheaper to buy though the original price is also inexpensive.
There may arise a lot of guestions about the Goodal items after reading this review.
This time, Goodal
finally opened Facebook & Instagram account.
You can get the news of Goodal more quickly and
the memorial events of opening is going on.

As I have used Goodal moisture barrier cream at ordinary times,
I have been curious about Goodal’s other items. I Just clicked on the “I like it!’ button to get Goodal’s news as soon as possible!

As I have used Goodal moisture barrier cream at ordinary times,
I have been curious about Goodal’s other items. I Just clicked on the “I like it!’ button to get Goodal’s news as soon as possible!
Goodal Instagram
Follow the Goodal Instagram and
on Goodal Instagram event page, regram the reason you need a moisture barrier and
#Goodal#spring outing#moisture barrier Hash Tag, and it’s done!
They present three types of Goodal moisture barriers to 20 persons.
Don’t you think the neat image fits well with the Goodal moisture barrier line?
It’s by April 6, and so apply for it quickly.