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How have you been? It’s Kim Mangsang.
After a severe bout, the skin refused the foundation totally
and so these days abruptly searching for all the recommended whitening cream lists all over the world,
after trying 3 types of Goodal premium tone-up lines composed of tone-up masks, tone-up essence, and tone-up cream,
Kim Mangsang who informs acquaintances a litte satisfactorily in case they ask about them,
while updating the recommending list of whitening creams,
tries to introduce mask, essence, and tone-up cream in order of use.

Goodal premium snail tone-up hydrogel mask
Goodal premium snail tone-up essence / tone-up cream

Goodal premium snail tone-up hydrogel mask is,
as the name implies, a hydrogel-type mask pack.
Since it contains much more white emulsion than others,
it felt relatively more opaque than other hydrogel masks.

As the milky white mask sheet is separated into the upper and lower part,
after applying the upper part on the eye area and the lower part on the mouth shape,
attatch tightly and wait for 20 minutes!

Supplying insufficient nutrients to skin as an item in charge of water-light tone-up in the tone-up line,
it serves as a basic foundation to make a beautiful complexion.
Twice a week, around Sundays and Thursdays, when the skin feels dry, 
it would be just fine to try it.
After the use 

What I liked most among Goodal 3 tone-up items was
the premium snail tone-up essence.
Tone-up essence texture

It permeates very tightly into the skin and gives a long lasting feeling of elasticity,
while oddly it feels moisturizing rather than nutritional!
Comparison before and after the use of tone-up essence

The finish feeling of this tone-up essence gets bigger in tone-up synergy effect 
when used together with a tone-up cream.
Based on intense moisturizing feeling, and with the help of the essence formulation not missing nutrition too
it can prevent an emergency of keratin eruption that can occur when a whitening cream is misused.

Premium snail tone-up cream is a bare-skin cream, 
riding the rumor of ‘1-second tone-up that lightens the skin as soon as applied’,
sold over one million units only in China.

It''s like a marshmallow cream but, as the feeling of application is pretty good,
rather than applying it in a way like washing face after taking some out on your palm,
it is much better to tap with your fingertips like picking repeatedly and to make it absorbed. 

Following the grandness of the Goodal premium snail tone-up line, which has become China''s national tone-up cream,
the mask and essence were also released as new products in February.

In order to produce immaculate skin without make-up,
or to use a make-up color not matching the original face tone,
I''ve tried this and that recommended whitening creams but,
if the keratin eruption of existing products and unnatural Kabuki whitening have been burdensome,
the bare-skin cream full line of Goodal premium snail hydrogel mask and essence may be not bad.